September 1 - 4, Philadelphia, PA


September 1 - 4, Philadelphia, PA


Where is the Host Hotel for TKLFest 2022?
What are the registration dates for TKLFest 2022?
What does it cost to attend?
What is the registration fee used for?
Is there sex at this event?
What can I do when I'm not at the event?
Who comes to this event?
What happens at this event?
Do I have to stay at the Host Hotel?
How can a shy person like me make the most out of the weekend?
Will photos and videos be taken?
What kind of tickling goes on?
Do I have to be gay to attend?
Do I have to tickle anyone?
What if I don't want to be tickled?
I'm a trans man, should I come to Fest?
Are board members paid?
More questions?

TKLFEST '22 Covid-19 FAQ

What precautions have been put in place to ensure a safe event this year?
Are COVID-19 tests required?
Will there be walk-in registration this year?
Are COVID-19 vaccinations required?
Are COVID-19 booster shots required?

Code of Conduct

TKLFest is an annual event devoted to creating a place where male tickling enthusiasts can come together to meet, talk, play, and be a part of a larger, loving community. The following rules are in place to make TKLFest an event where all attendees feel welcome and comfortable while holding everyone to the same reasonable standards.


Just Us

Wear your badge to access all fest common spaces. No badge, no entry.

Keep It Private

Fest is a private reunion of Tau Kappa Lambda members. Please refrain from referring to this event as anything else to guests and staff, and do not share any fest-related materials with non-attendees.

Get Permission

Do not post pictures of people at the event without the permission of everyone in the photo. When in doubt don’t share.


Always Ask

Always ask to join play before touching anyone in private rooms and the hospitality suite. Ask with the expectation that no is an acceptable answer.

Consent Is Not Permanent

Consent can be revoked at any time. If it stops being fun, don’t push it.

Respect Limits

Always respect the limits of scene partners. Even if discussed beforehand, new limits are often discovered during play and should be respected in the moment.


Color-coded stickers on badges are provided as an optional way to signal consent. Regardless of what sticker is on a person’s badge, respect when someone tells you no.

Words Above All

Even if you think someone else is into being touched or tickled by you, if they ask you to stop, just respect it.

Consent For One

No one can give consent for another person. Lees / subs do not automatically defer their consent to their ler / dom during play.

Given Not Taken

Using alcohol or other substances to extract consent from someone is not consent. Taking advantage of an intoxicated person will not be tolerated.


Ask Once

If an individual declines your offer for play, don’t repeatedly ask to play throughout the event. If they change their mind or later become interested it is expected that they will come to you.

Everyone Is Different

Harassment of attendees for reasons including but not limited to their gender identity, gender expression, genitalia, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, physical appearance, or religion is not tolerated at Tickle Fest.


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is using manipulation or physical force to engage in unwanted sexual behavior and is not tolerated at Tickle Fest.


• All reports are taken seriously.
• Reports can be made in person talking to someone with an “Organizer” badge, or by emailing the organizers at and including the way you would like us to contact you.
• All reports are recorded, and the reporter’s identity will not be stored with the report for longer than it is necessary to contact them.
• All reports will be followed up with by an event organizer.


• Subjects of reports will have an impartial conversation with an organizer.
• Repeated violations of the code of conduct are taken seriously.
• When necessary, the organizers reserve the right to remove attendees from the event.
• Instances of illegal activities will be reported to local authorities.